Elmar Dreher GmbH

There are lots of reasons to choose packaging made from wood – made by DREHER! 

There are many reasons to store and present your high-quality products in made-to-measure wooden packaging from DREHER.

The benefits of wooden packaging for your product at a glance: 

  • Wood is a long-lasting natural product with great design variety, especially where shaping and choice of surface are concerned.

  • Wood has individual character, subtly emphasising your objects and underlining your quality awareness.

  • Wood is a renewable, resource-friendly raw material that behaves completely CO2-neutrally in the value-added chain and can be easily disposed of.

  • Wood naturally balances out fluctuations in air humidity, making it perfect for the storage of sensitive devices or instruments.

  • Wood has a warm and extremely pleasant feel, with aesthetic appeal to match.

  • Wood attracts attention because of its exceptional and exclusive perceived value, and remains impressive in the long term because it appeals to the senses.

Individual and industrial go hand in hand at DREHER. This is because lean production processes on an industrial scale and traditional craftsmanship are combined at DREHER to bring you tangible benefits:

  • Best quality at market-driven prices, with highest delivery reliability.

  • Greatest possible flexibility due to lean process structures.

  • Prompt and rapid production of excellently-crafted, high-quality wooden cases, wooden caskets and wooden boxes

  • Customised production up to 1000 items regardless of batch size.

  • We only use sustainably forested woods and sustainable raw materials.