Elmar Dreher GmbH

Elmar Dreher GmbH – Precision in Wood. Since 1855! 

Packaging is more than just the outside shell of a product – it protects the valuable contents and presents it with the right perceived value. For 60 years now DREHER has been making individual wooden cases, wooden caskets and wooden boxes in small and medium batch sizes. Here's a quick overview of our history:

  • Company founded in 1855 in Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany as a wainwright business, also manufacturing wooden staircases and agricultural products.

  • Since 1950: specialisation in the production of cases, caskets and boxes made from wood.

  • Today Elmar Dreher GmbH, with its decades of experience, is a specialist for all questions relating to packaging, storage and presentation with wood.

Even if DREHER has always retained its special atmosphere and flair over the years, the former craft enterprise is now a modern, family-run company, where industrial production processes and artisanship form an efficient combination. DREHER thus has a high degree of vertical integration while retaining distinctive product individuality. At DREHER, lean processes and highly expert consulting are just as natural as high-quality artisanship and an eye for detail. In production, qualified employees check the sustainability of the processed materials before the high-quality wooden packaging leaves the production plant in Rietheim-Weilheim. There are numerous designs: from the selection of the type of wood, surface treatment and fittings to the interior design, DREHER produces not only cases, caskets and boxes but also presentation trays, technical wooden parts, wooden displays and promotional items made from wood.